Have yourself a data mining Christmas

December 21, 2014 − by Suzanne Elvidge − in Data analytics, Data mining, Musings − No Comments

Christmas is coming up fast, and we at the GenoKey blog wish you data mining Season’s Greetings for the festive time of the year.

Data mining your Christmas dinner

Are you making your own Christmas dinner this year? Potatoes and greens are important parts of the feast.Spud DB includes datasets and data-mining tools that allow researchers to access and analyze the potato genome, potentially making potatoes taste better, grow faster, or include more nutrients. According to data analyses, the leafy green vegetable kale is getting ever more popular, with a 710% increase since 2011, and is more likely to be eaten in January than at any other time of the year. And recipe apps such as Yummly can predict what people will cook and eat. If you are going out instead, be aware of how important data is to the restaurant industry. In a tough financial climate, data analysis can help improve the economics of eating.

Data-friendly gifts

Looking for gifts for the data scientist in your life?

However, be careful when hunting for gifts online, as targeted ads based on data mining could spoil your Christmas surprises, because companies use data to provide adverts on browsers based on your shopping or browsing history. How to get around it? Use an ad blocker.

Santa Trackers

Ready for Santa to come to your data-filled household? Have a look at one of the Santa trackers to keep an eye on his journey – there’s one from Google, or you can follow the original NORAD Tracks Santa, which arose from a typo and a very senior (and very kind) man in the US military.

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